Having started rotational molding in 1983, Floteks is the first company to start rotomolding in Turkey. After 33 years Floteks is still the pioneer of rotational molding in Turkey and is a well-known company in this technology around the world.

Back in 1983, one of the first products Floteks produced was a diesel tank. That same tank was in production until a few years ago. Throughout the years Floteks has served many different fields other than automotive. Construction, animal husbandry, agriculture are among the sectors served by Floteks.

In recent years Floteks has seen a surge in the automotive market and now has a factory solely for the automotive market. With ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates, Floteks today serves many international OEMs. Today Floteks produces automotive parts for buses, trucks, tractors, construction machinery and so on. For these vehicles Floteks produces a wide range of products; from diesel tanks, adblue tanks to air ducts and so on.

Today Floteks designs most of the parts that it produces for the OEMs. With a dedicated engineering team with many years of experience, Floteks can help its customers with any rotational molding challenge.

Since the beginning Floteks has always designed and produced its own molds. The same continues today, around %95 of the products are produced with Floteks molds. With its mold production capabilities, Floteks can answer its customers with speed and lower costs. Revisions are also significantly faster.

With an extensive R&D lab and specialized R&D personnel, Floteks also undertakes a number of rotomolding R&D projects especially in the field of Automotive. After successfully completing numerous R&D projects in Turkey, Floteks is now involved in a number of European Union projects. Floteks is also the coordinator and sole beneficiary of one of those EU projects.

High value-added innovative products with rotational molding technology; including engineering, mold and production process, with constantly developing R&D activities, to add value to automotive, tractor and construction machinery industries.

Innovative, technological products; with constantly developing R&D activities, to keep our place among the World leaders of rotational molding.