A high quality product can only be produced via a high quality mold. Floteks keeps its mold technology up to date in order to give its customers a superior quality in products. Up to now we have produced several thousand molds. %95 of all molds used in serial production has been produced by ourselves. As we make our molds, we can quickly answer our customers’ requests for new molds and revisions on existing molds.
We can apply a special treatment on surfaces of our molds in order to have a matte of shiny surface finish on the product.
Floteks designs its own molds based on the product design provided by the customer or made by Floteks.

Floteks uses 3 different methods to produce molds.
1) Aluminum casting molds
2) Aluminum CNC machined molds
3) Other sheet metal ( steel ) molds

Flokal AS is the mold company of Floteks A.Ş. and has the below capabilities to serve the customers of Floteks:
· Modelling
· Mold and fixture production
· Insert and lathe parts production
· Routine mold and fixture maintenance
· Cutting, drilling, welding and making several fixtures
· Mold design
· Stamping of metal, bending and fitting
· CNC machining