Floteks Group has established an advanced plastic laboratory to innovate in the field of automotive and rotational molding.
Floteks Group has completed 5 Tübitak, 3 Kosgeb, 2 TTGV projects in the last ten years. For these projects Floteks group has cooperated with many universities such as ODTÜ Tekirdağ University, Sabancı University, Marmara University and Uludağ University.
For the last two years, Floteks has been active on Europe Union projects with numerous European partners such as F7 and H2020. Floteks is currently the coordinator of the F7 Project called “Leak Free’’. More projects are in the pipeline.

To be used in such projects, Floteks has a capable lab that can do the below tests in house.

Drop test device
UV Aging Device
DSC Device
Tensile test
CRM Size Dimensional Device
Density Device
Sieve with vibration Test Device
Ultrasonic thickness
Measurement Device
Sample Cutting Device
Polarisation Microscobe
Whole Fuel Tank Regulations Test Devices
Impact Test Device
Sensitive Oven
Color measurement Device
Cinder Oven
Climatic Cabin
Ring stiffness Test Device
Vacuum Test Device
Leakage Test Pools
Viscosity Device